Tuesday, April 13, 2004

View On Backlash

I have just finished watching something that has put my faith back in the WWE.

I just finished watching the 8-man tag main event from RAW. As a wrestling fan since Wrestlemania 3, that match is one of the few that has brought me out of my seat. I will say that i spent the last 2-4 minutes standing in my living room

It was a match that I want to show people when they ask me why I am a wrestling fan. That match had the past (Flair, Foley, Michaels), the present (Benoit, Triple H) and The future (Benjamin, Orton and yes, Batista, who can be great as a silent monster). It's the closet to 5*'s that I can say that I have had the pleasure of watching.

When it comes to Backlash, I can not wait for this show. Benjamin Vs Flair is the classic passing of the torch match. Flair seems to have gotten his 16 wind, just as everyone was counting him out again. As for Shelton, I see this guy and see dollar bills. I guarantee ,He will be a world champion in the next 2 years.

With Foley vs Orton, Randy has the chance to make his hardcore bones, to pay a whole bunch of dues in one night. To survive a hardcore match with Cactus Jack is something that can make you a superstar overnight. Randy Orton is one of those guys that piss a lot of people off, as he's got a lot too soon. This match can prove why.

As for The Final encounter, We have Triple H, who politics aside, when he is motivated can be one of the best guys to ever step in that ring. Shawn Michaels is out to prove that he still deserves part of the spotlight. and throw in Chris Benoit, trying to prove his championship is his for the long haul. A pressured Benoit + a motivated Hunter + a rejuvinated HBK = a match of the year candidate.

These are reasons why I am a wrestling fan.

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