Tuesday, April 27, 2004

And another thing

SO it's been an interesting few days at work as we are the only department in Aliant that is working at anything close to 100% as the rest of the company has decided that it would be a good time to go on strike. In their place we get these idiots that may or may not be managers talking about "All we can do is take the information and call them back" BULLSHIT, what you do is screw things up long enough that you piss people off then transfer them to me so that they scream at my 10.40/hour making ass while the guy that should be taking this crap is sitting on the picket line becouse he dosn't think that $20/h is enough. Do my job which is harder, for half the money, see how you like it.

Noticing today that if you are on Aliant high speed and using anything other then Outlook Express/Internet Explorer 6, then you are shit out of luck, which also means that they have dropped support for win 95. Hopefully, we'll do that on the dial up side soon.

--Did something I didn't think I'd ever do again yesterday. I actually paid for software, as I purchased the pro version of Trillian. It's got some nice plugin's and is really worth every penny.

--I'm falling out with some people again. Although we say it won't, it happens more and more often these days

--featured songs: Great Big Sea- Helmethead and Arrogent Worms- The assumption song

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