Tuesday, April 20, 2004

G-mail and Other Stuff

Welcome to Gmail

SO as I decide to log in to make some changes to the look of this thing..I notice that I have a different option, an option to sign up as a beta tester for Google's new E-mail program, G-mail. 1GB of storage!! No need to delete anything, I'm going to try it for a while, see what it's like. It's not out to the general public yet, but you can get more info on it at the link.

-The People have spoken as the gang down at Tech TV has come to it's senses and come to a contract with Leo Laporte for Call for Help. It goes to show that a group of fans can make a differnece if they talk long enough. NOw as long as we keep Tech TV in the merger with G4.

-GO HABS GO!!! I was flipping between the game and RAW last night because I got nervous everytime the Bruins came down the ice, but it's nice to see the Canadians in the 2nd Round. Now if we can just get rid of the Leafs, the playoffs will be a success.

-I downloaded a movie that came down as a bunch of .rar files. When I went to extract them, it was a .bin and a .cue file. Now, Nero won't find the .bin files. Can you help? leave a message on the tag board.

-Fav song right now: Seether Feat/ Amy Lee- Broken (from The Punisher Soundtrack)

Other stuff LAter

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