Thursday, August 08, 2002


More Random Thoughts:

-It was an interisting weekend in NWF land, as a 24-7 thread was posted, meaning that Shawn "Gregory Maines" hardcore title reign came to an I made me NWF debut in the thread with 12 hardcore title reigns leading into "Insomnia" on wednesday night where I faced two others in a Three Way Dance for the number one contendership for the Hardcore Title. I lost that match when I got "24/7nd" by Maines. CD Lawrence (Me) got the last laugh as I punked him out later on to take my title back. It all leads to a match with "Dangerous" Danny Dudley at next week's "Insomnia". This is really doing the trick, getting the writing juices flowing.

-Don't waste your time with "Signs" It seems to be one of those movies people either love or hate and I'm the latter, with plot holes a mile wide and Aliens that look like a bad b movie.

-I've been using Mozilla for a while now. It's based on the Netscape browser (Which I've mostly liked). I've only had it crash once and that was when installing. One of the coolest parts of it is allowing you to look at more then one window in a browser window, using Tabs. Long download on a dial-up (Just about an hour) but really worth it. Get it here

More LAter......

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