Thursday, August 15, 2002

The Latest Kick Arse CD:

3LW ft P.Diddy and Loon- I Do

BB Mak - Out of My Heart

Bon Jovi – Everyday

Choclair- Skunk

Eminem- cleaning out my closet

Fabolous- Trade it Off Part.2

Kasey Chambers- Not Pretty Enough

Lenny Kravitz - If I Could Fall in Love

Moka Only- Crunch

Nelly - Stick Out Ya Wrist

Pink ft Redman- Get the Party Started (Sweet Dreams Remix)

Simple Plan - I'd do anything

Staind- Epiphany

Leann Rimes-Life Goes On

Swollen Members - Deep End

The Calling - Could It Be Any Harder

Uncle Kracker - In a little while

Angie Martinez - If I Could Go!

Xzibit – Multiply 4:08


-First off it's too FRICK!N Hot, as of this writing 38 with the humidity, I tried 3 places last night before I found a even comfortable place and that was the basement, where it was nice and cool, but now it's getting muggy down there. This is not fair. (Remind me of this when it's febuary and -40, please)

-If anyone from NBTel is reading this, can you check the Phones at CFAN? I don't think their working

-speaking of not working, I'm not back yet, for what reason, I have no idea. and btw, Check this outI agree with his rant on the radio station. I just work there (or do I?) if you have a problem with anything that's on air there or someone who's on air there
ie:Brad, PHONE them.

-BTW, I didn't have to waste 2bucks and 80min to know that Kung Pow was a piece of Dogcrap. All I needed was the previews and the horrible skits on WWE Heat.

-LET THE BODIES HIT THE.....oops, never mind

-As of this writing, no results for this weeks NWF card. Win or Lose, I'm very happy with what I wrote. Everyone involved is doing a great job, and big ups to Earl, who did a major upgrade to the website that can be viewed here

-A bit of an update about Mozilla It's got some really cool add-in's, namely a built-in pop-up killer and a password manager. Still no crashes, other then when installing.

-A question to those more computer savy then I, How do I remove the Task Scheduler, Display Properties and a CD program from my System tray. If you have any answers e-mail me Here

I go to moncton tommorrow to see the doctor, Jess and Arby's :)


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