Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Well, Well, Well

This day had started out so well. I woke up , went to Physio and was doing very well, in the gym lifting weights and on the treadmill and eurgobike. On the Way home, I thought I'd stop at the station to see what was going on. That started the whole downward spiral.

Going in to see Jim, I was told that my friend and co-worker, Shawn Williston, had been handed his walking papers effective the end of the month. For his part in this , check out his webpage here

After taking this all in, part of it being my boss's statement that he "wasn't going to be using me right now" made me even more concentrated on leaving this sinking ship.

When I get home, there is a message on my machine from ICT/Miramichi offering me an interview for 1:30 this afternoon. I go to the interview and after a few tests, am offered and accept a job with ICT in customer service in Alliant Internet Service provider.

Directly after leaving ICT, I go to the station and after speaking to Shawn and Jim, cleaned out my file cabinet and gave my key to the boss With the words "I'm Leaving Immedietly". Not a handshake, not a thank you for 3 years of service. Just a "It's your choice" as I'm walking out the door. my retort, "No it's not my choice to leave, it's my choice to stay, but your forcing me out" To which he says "no I'm not". The Conversation ended there as I said that he wasen't worth my time and left.

this wasen't just a one day thing. This has been coming for a while. Since I've been hurt, I have recieved nothing but silence and greef. I've been cleared for over 2 weeks and had yet to work a shift. I've been putting resume's into different call centers around the provence at the urging of my Mum and Jessica. Anything to get me out of this dead end job. and that's what it is.

Now a few thank you's:

-To Darren, Shawn and Paddy, people from who I've learned a lot about the radio business, and life in general. No matter how much shit was thrown on us, We always were able to laugh and have a good time. Willie, this could be the best thing to happen to you, it just may take a while to see it. Paddy, keep it running as long as possible, but ICT looks good too.

-To Jim, Someone who always has a kind word and gave me more thumbs up then anyone in the front office. Thank you for those. Guess this means that I can't work election night

-To Anne, Shirley & Jennifer, People may make more money, but I don't think that they ever had more fun that we had. The three of you are always welcome in to my home (and Anne and Jennifer, the beer's cold :) )

-To the ringmaster and the horse he rode in on, Karma's a bitch.

-To my listeners, not that a lot of you will ever read this. Thank you for allowing me to come in to your homes, cars and lives. You never know, maybe at some time, in some way, I'll be back.

There's people (Jason, Val, yes, even Ev) that have allowed me to enjoy most of my time with 790CFAN. Radio can be a funny business. If MBS is ever serious about having a quality radio station and not a big top that is a laughing stock, They can give me a call.

Have a great and safe one, Miramichi

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