Friday, August 02, 2002

***A Couple of days ago, I said I'd post my sample RP for the NWF, It's also my first RP in the Three way dance for next week's card***

(opens in a room, shown is only a chair, with a man looking very upset)

You think that you know. How could you know what I have gone through. The pain that I
feel when people throw one of their own to the gutter, never to be spoken of again, unless
it's thinking of the good old days when that bum on the corner was welcome at the dinner
table. Now he's not even worthy of the fifteen cents that you have in your pocket.
The people that spend thirty dollars on that dinner for two when they know that money
could bring so much to people with so little. The fish egg eating, starbucks drinking
plutocrats who want to move the (air-quotes)displaced people when some big event
comes to town to give the illusion that all is fine in our (sarcastically) perfect world.

(Lawrence becomes more and more frantic as he continues)

I'm sure by now, you think you've figured out who I am. You think that I am just an
angry drug addicted street person who you couldn’t be bothered with. You couldn’t be
more wrong. I was one of you. A rich lawyer, who billed hundreds of dollars an hour, did
the thirty dollar lunches and didn't lift my head when I passed the street people. Then, one
night, on my way home from the office. This drunk teenager comes up to me, claming that
I had stolen his girlfriend. I told him he had the wrong guy, but that didn't matter. He
stabbed me 10 times and left me for dead in the gutter. I laid there, waiting to die with
people, just like I had been passing by with their heads down whispering about what a
disgrace it was to their fine city to have people like me.....ME in the streets.

Then One of the Goddamn street people that I had ignored and hated, came and held my
hand while another got the attention of a police officer that got the ambulance to take me
to the hospital. It was then that I decided that I would make people like I had one time
been pay for their treatment of other people in this world.

(Lawrence calms down in the blink of an eye)

Who am I? I am your worst nightmare...I am you...I am a enforcer of I believe to be right.

I am CD Lawrence.

Let the Payment begin.

(fade to black)

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