Friday, August 02, 2002

Hello, Friday..

Random Thoughts:

-I've got my first match in the NWF this week in a Three Way dance for a shot at Gregory "Shawn Williston" Mains. I hope he keeps that belt shiney for me.

-For my money, Primetime sports is the best radio show in the country, espically on Monday and Friday, with the roundtable. Bob Macowen and Damien Cox are interesting to listen to at all times and with the addition of John Shannon, John Wells and Gord Kirk among others, there is no better sports talk out there. Check it out on Bell Expressvuor .Between 5-6, it's Bob taking calls, 6-8, it's The Roundtable monday and friday and guests the rest of the week.

-If there is one thing I don't like about Fan590. it's the amount of time spent talking about the CFL. Two words "Who Cares?" If anyone can please explain to me why I should care about this two bit, always on the brink of extintion so-called league, Please drop me a Line and if your reason is "it's Canadian", Don't bother. I don't buy that for anything. Give me sunday NFL football or give me death, hell give me US college basketball over CFL football. As a 23 year old major sports fan, I can not remember sitting down with the express intention of watching a CFL game and the little of it that I do see almost puts me to sleep. This League can't even schedule right, last night a prime example with both Toronto and Hamilton playing at home with a third game on a thursday night. NFL Hall of Fame game is on tommorrow afternoon.

-Saw my first Austin Powers movie the other night and while there was some really funny parts to it. nothing that makes me run out and watch the first two or even turn on TBS which has been running the first two ad nausem for the past month usually 3 in one day. With that said, Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets is out in november and I can't wait.

-I'll be trying out a new Web browser in the next day or two it's called Mozilla. It's a open source alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer. expect a review soon.

-Wednesday is the latest date of return to the airwaves can't wait..I'm starting to get ancey

That's all for now..LAter

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