Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Well....Sorry, It's been a while

I must start out with apoligies to Willie, as I'm not going to be able to make the "Party of the year" in F-city as it's the "2nd annual Willie Pub crawl" Last years was a good time and I'm sure this will be even better. Just remember to keep enough for bail

Bit of an update on the last entry, one of the guys that I saw In Sunny Corner at the ACW show, goes by the name of Bobby Rude. Apparently, as I learned in one of the message boards I frequent, he attended the most recent WWE tryout camp and impressed them greatly. Rumor is that he may be one of the few to get a deal out of this. Maybe, I should go to these things more often. Last time I went to a indy show, I had the pleasure to see the "Suicide Blonds" who later went on to become Edge and Christian. BTW, ACW's next show locally is June 22 in Sunny Corner, then they're looking for a show either at the Newcastle Lions Club or at the Civic Center.

Once again, can't talk about RAW, I didn't see it. I watched the first segment and then tuned out. But by the looks of the ratings, at least I made the effort, as the numbers continue the downward spiral. Look for the "Hulkamania 2k2" run to come to an end this sunday at "Judgement Day" Just added to the lineup, The Hardly's (as in "Who gives a flying fuck? Hardly anyone" against "The Next big thing that the WWE is going to screw up for some piss-ant reason even though he shits dollar signs" BROCK~ Lesner and Paul "If he had of sold out, ECW would still be in business" Heyman.

In Video news, I can't wait for the Harry Potter to come out on video (espically since it looks like there wont be a new book till next year) and will be spending some of my pittance of a paycheck on May 30 (it's out on the 28th, so I guess I can wait the 2 days, unless someone wants to be nice enough to purchase it for me as a gift......Didn't think so) Also is accepting pre-orders for the first "Lord of the Rings" Movie "The Fellowship of the Ring" for release on August 6. I didn't see it in theatre, but it might be worth a rental just to see what everyone is talking about.

That's it for tonight, Tommorrow, I think I'll go even further into "Willie-land" and do some record reviews. Michelle Branch, Vanessa Carlton, Natalie MacMaster and Velvet Empire for sure...MAybe more. Until then.. .Buy his book!!

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