Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Happy Tuesday ladies and germs.
After "getting the F out" on RAW last night, Maybe they should of used it to help Hogan get the Motorcycle going. Truly a wrestlecrap moment.
Have you noticed that in the WWF...I mean WWE..any woman who is fully dressed is protrayed as a heel becouse everyone knows that all women just want to run around half naked....not that there's anything wrong with that :)
Anyone want to bet on a over-under on the "WWF" meantons there will be in the next month..I've got 15.
Boston Public is a great show..I know that stuff didn't happen in my high school and if it did..why was I not told.
Well, it's begun, People wanting to download the new "Star Wars" movie...I for one have never enjoyed any of the starwars movies and am in no hurry to see this one. My 2cents...opening day 39million...opening weekend 100million, not enough to beat Spiderman.

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