Thursday, May 16, 2002

It's like so Totally Thursday :)

First off, those of you Lucky enough to have a dish or digital cable, and are wrestling fans should make it a point to be watching ESPN Classic on wednesday evenings. They get the classic wrestling. Some weeks it the old AWA, but some weeks we get really lucky and get USWA tapes from Tennissee and Texas from the 89-94 era. Classic Jerry Lawler, Kerry Von Erich, Tojo Yamamoto's Devistation Inc. great stuff..check it out.

It's Judgement day weekend and I can already see how this buyrate could suffer a little. This sunday, you have the opening weekend of Star Wars, Episode 2, The Ending of Survivor and the big reunion show, as well as the Cosby Show reunion. Two out of those three things are things that are pointed in the same demo as WWE (and the third could have a argument made) With the ratings droping heading in to the summer, It's not looking good for the WWE.

CD reviews:

Vanessa Carleton- be not nobody Off the strength of the "Epic" single "A thousand miles", this 21 year old former ballerina makes a jump in to the music world. She has siad in a previous interview that music was just something she did to take the pressure off. Well, if this album gets the success it deserves, she's going to have to find another hobby. A very orchestral album, starting with the single-ready "Ordinary day" to the ending "Twilight", The Piano driven tunes set her apart from the midriff bearing pop stars that glutted the pop scene not so long ago. Carlton also flexes her writing muscles on this album, writing all the songs with the exception of 'Paint It Black" written by Michael Phillip Jagger and Keith Richards, whoever they are :). This album is for people who don't want pop but are not in to long haired millionares screaming about how conflicted they are. 7/10

Velvet Empire-self-titled Yes, this is the popstars 2:boy meets girl band. I know alot of people have a problem with the whole concept of "building a band" I subscribe to the fact that I could care less how long a band has been together or if they had met at birth or in a label's office. To me it's the music that comes from the band that matters. This album, produced by Justin Grey, can be described as "hip-pop" in other words, don't come here looking for any deep messages or ideas on how to get world peace. It's a fun album, that you can put in a stereo and smile through. It's obvious that the band had some say in the album as most of the songs seem to fit like a glove. Janelle is the soul of the group, with a deep sultry sound. Lacey, brings a sweetness to balance it out, although she seems to get lost on some of the tracks. Alex gives the group a bit of attitude while Ryan has a set of pipes that you would never guess looking at him. Why, oh why Justin is there I have no idea. He sticks out like a sore thumb on most of these tracks. It's almost as if he was there so they could have the 'We thought you could make it, but you're not cutting it so goodbye" episode for Television, but they didn't do it. A fun little album, with the lead single 'Frontin' on me" and the song that should of been "Wha, Wha, What" (that songs hook is so infectious it's almost criminal) Put it in press play and forget what a crappy world we live in for a while. 5/10

Michelle Branch- The Spirit Room This review could be done in one word, WOW. This is an amazing album, with a pop rock sound that is absolutley beyond words. The first two singles "Everywhere" and "All you wanted" are everything that I, as a listener, want, catchy tune, great lyrics. it's something almost impossible to be put into words. Let me just say this, since I bought this album, it has left my stereo twice, once to take to the radio station and again tonight, to listen to while I was typing this out. Every song on this album could be a single, with "You Set Me Free" set to appear in (or at least on the soundtrack and in the theatre trailer for) the new dreamworks movie "Sprit". If you don't have this album, RUN, do not walk to your local record store and buy it 9/10...ah hell 10/10

I know I said that I was going to do Natalie Macmaster's new one tonight as well, but I haven't had much chance to liston to it yet but instead you get the E-bay special:

Robert Ellis Orrall- Flying Colors This album came out in 1993, with one big single behind it "Boom it was over", couple more moderate singles after that then nothing. I had the album on tape and loved it, a nice country album (I was nothing but a country fan at the time, this was before I went to college and was educated in the ways of other music) that was fun to listen to and had some nice songs on it. couple of weeks ago, I get to thinking, I wonder if I still have the tape. can't find it so to E-bay I go, $5 later, it's on the way. I get it. nothing's changed, a nice unoffenceive album that's got some nice songs. (btw, If your wondering what a love song is supposed to sound like "I'm Learning As You Go" is a great place to start) 4/10

Wow, that was a little longer then I was planning on..but it got the job done. Working all weekend, but I'll see if I can get something on this weekend untill then reach me here with anything you want to say about these reviews or your "Stump The Dok" questions. LAter

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