Saturday, May 11, 2002

Good saturday all

I should say that I had this all typed up last night, but it got lost in the Cyber-netherworld so here we go again

It hasen't been a busy week, but not all that quiet either. Wednesday, Willie and I checked out some wrestling action at the Sunny Corner arena. It was different for a night out and if ACW is anywhere near you, it's def worth a check out. and yes, as I'm sure willie will say in his next update, I did get my punk card pulled a few times, but these guys are professionals, it's nothing personal...Right?

When I came home, I gat a call from Jessica, telling me she was on her way home because of the death of Joe Macdonald, grandfather of our friend, Tara. Due to work, I was unable to go to the funeral, so I will pay my respects here and send my sympathy to her and her family at this time.

Thursday was spent "helping" Jess with one of her projects. I don't know how much help I was, but it was interesting. I haven't worked with that many numbers since high school. Then we met up with Gully and went to play some of the worst pool that has ever been played in North America. Not much on the go for this weekend. Maybe a second run at Spider-man

On the Wrestling front, not much to talk about as I didn't see Smackdown. One thing I'm looking to do here is "stump the Dok" send me your wrestling related question (most of you have my e-mail or just use the Guestbook at Dok's Office. I'll do my best to answer once I get a few. Come on people, Do your worst :)

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