Tuesday, May 07, 2002

From WWE.com:

Hall, WWE part ways

World Wrestling Entertainment senior vice president for talent relations Jim Ross announced today that WWE and Scott Hall have mutually agreed to end their contractual relationship. WWE wishes Hall the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Mutually agree, yeah right. anyway apparently what brings this on was Hall's partying on the weekend when the WWE was in Europe on the Insorrexton tour. For those that dont know, Scott Hall is an alcaholic who has been having problems for years. As a matter of fact, the reason that Hall (then Razor Ramon) left the WWF the first time was the failing of a drug test. It became so much of a problem that his marraige broke up (since remarried to the same women) and became a TV angle in the old WCW. When he returned to the WWF, it was with the understanding that his abuse ws under control. After drinking on his first night back, he did an interview that said that he had learned his lesson. apparently he didn't.

From 1Wrestling.com:

Hall was partying in "Animal House" like fashion over the weekend. It got so bad that he actually fell asleep backstage at the UK PPV, during the show. I was told that the decision to let him go was 90% made yesterday morning, and when Hall showed up at TV at less than 100%, it sealed the deal.

Hall started out as a teammate with Dan Spivey in the Starship America team in the Florida indy's soon moving to the AWA as Big Scott Hall. He also spent some time in the NWA/WCW as The Diamond Studd, a character that is the forrunner to the highly successful "Razor Ramon" character that he would protray later on. Ramon became a multi-time IC champ and mainevented both "Survivor Series" and "Royal Rumble" in his first 4 months with the company, the latter in a great match with Bret Hart for the WWF Championship. Drugs began to take thier toll, and 2 days after being announced to face "Goldust" at Wrestlemania 12, was pulled from the card and suspended. After making one more WWF appearence, getting squashed by Vader at an "In Your House", Hall showed up On WCW Nitro on Memorial day, to begin the biggest angle that WCW ever had, The NWO.

With Kevin Nash, and Hulk Hogan and others, The nWo ran over WCW for years, with one problem. The angle never came to it's end (WCW defeating and ending the nWo) With the company on Crouse Control, It began to lose money and after a Divorce, suspensions and threatened firings, finally Hall hit rock bottom.

After getting remarried and reconnciling with his kids, Hall seemed to be on the straight and narrow. But that's just what seemed to happen. Hall got his chance with the Rebirth of the nWo in the WWF. After one too many slips, the WWE finally had enough and earlier today, released him.

You can add Scott Hall to the List that includes Jake Roberts, Ted Dibiase and others, people who were talented performers but the road was thier downfall. The Drugs, alcohol and life of the road. Just turns out, it's too much for them. With Jarrett's NWA and the XWF, Hall will get another shot, but should he have one or should he help himself.

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