Sunday, September 26, 2004

*whuh...What a week

-OK, first things first. I've left the NAW. It's gone through a change of ownership and the momentium that we had fell off. I knew it was time to give it up after sitting in front of a blank WORD screen for 45 minutes. Nothing against the gang there, but it's time to put CD Lawrence to rest. Maybe he'll be reborn in another forum (Another one of those book projects I'm always thinking about)

-It been a busy week here in the Doyle Household. Last sunday, Mom threw a surprize birthday party for my grandmother, who today turns 80. Some of Gram's friends were here. She said it was the first birthday party she'd had. This was followed up by basically a week of celebrations, and people coming up to visit, along with a phone ringing off the hook with good wishes. Anyone who has Friday's Miramichi Weekend can see her pic in the paper, as we put in a birthday announcement.

-Also going on this weekend is the annual miramichi Dog show, which has mom and dad running around. I used to take part in this, but kind of fell out as the people that I knew did as well

-We took a trip to Moncton yesterday, so mom could pick up a dog from a friend of her's. Going down anyway, I decided to go into Future shop and pick up a couple of PS2 games. So I got NHL 2005 (with a bonus extra controller) and Def Jam: Fight for NY.

I really like NHL 2005, with the World Cup of Hockey feature. I've been playing that a lot. I also now know why they were giving the controller away. It's a little bigger then a regular one. It's going to take a little getting used to.

Def Jam is going to take a LOT of getting used to. I've had 15 fights and had my ass handed to me 15 times. But it's a great game. Can't wait to spend some time on it.

-Question: Future show has all these new TV screens for sale...Why do they still have the old green screens for the checkout's?

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