Saturday, May 08, 2004

Weekend update

It's been a beautiful week, sunshine wise. It's too bad that the wind is too cold. The impossible even happened at work a couple of days ago, I got cold. It was amazing to the people around me. If the wind would just go down, it would be great.

-So I did something else I said I wouldn't do, I got myself a webcam. I don't know what I'm going to do with it, bit I got it and it's all set up on the pc.

-Went to M&M meat shop in Douglastown on Thursday night to look around. OH MY GOD!! This is the store of my future cardiologist's dreams. All for a decent price. I highly recommend their bacon wrapped Filet Mignon, leave it on the BBQ for about 20 minutes over warm coals ( for medium well, how I like my steak) and it will change your life. Take that, Mad Cow Disease.

-Speaking of BBQ, Word has come down that the world famous Willie Pub Crawl, has been put down for a year as there is a BBQ going to go down in the 'chi. I look forward to having, maybe 1 or 2, maybe a few more beers in celebration of the day that it was brought to the earth, and things have never been the same again. I'm sure that more details will be made available on Willie's Blog, so be sure to take a look if you are so inclined

-As most of you know, I am a big fan of the TechTV network, trying not to miss an episode of the flagship shows "The Screen Savers" and "Call for Help". So it was with great sadness that I came across this story.
Comcast is going to be combining TechTV with it's G4 Gaming network, but it seems that they are not interested with doing it with the TechTV staff. Some of the younger hosts may make their way to the new network, but it looks like my favorites, Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton won't be making the move. It's too bad, as why I enjoy Kevin, Sarah, Jessica and most of the other crew over there, they just don't seem to have the combination of tech knowledge and TV smarts that Leo and Pat have. Hopefully, G4 will prove me wrong and bring these guys back but I'm not holding my breath

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