Tuesday, May 18, 2004

A maybe not so popular view

So 2499 of my closest friends and I spent the evening at the exhibition building last night. I don't think the building knew what to do, as 2500 people haven't seen the ex buildings in years, even during the ex.

All (or at least most) jokes aside, I went to a meeting to show my disapproval with the current rumors of bed cuts and loss of regional status for our 8-year old hospital >check it out here. I must say that I was impressed with the turnout, as usually the fact that people from Newcastle and Chatham would agree on anything more serious then if the sun will rise in the morning. The only thing people on the river will agree on more then their dislike for the other side is the fact that they are tired of getting screwed by the people in Fredericton.

It came to me as I was eating supper and reading the paper. We've lost St Thomas University, CFB Chatham, 2 Nursing programs and the very idenity of our own areas in amalgamation. It seems that when anything needs to be cut by the governments, it always Miramichi that gets looked at first. Then when it's time for the jobs to come back, they go to Moncton, Saint John or Fredericton because Miramichiers are nothing but fat, EI-cheating people who don't want to work anyway.

That seems to be the attitude of some of the elected officials from other parts of the province. Hell, one even spoke of it in the Legislature. It's ok to screw around Miramichi, they'll just sit there and take it anyway. I think that last night's rally showed that we will not be screwed around with anymore.

I think that the attitude comes from our old friend, Language. Miramichi is one of the few places in the province that English and French live together in something that could almost be considered harmony. To boil it down, Miramichi is too English for Moncton and too French for Fredericton.

At last official count 8 buses will be heading to the capital tomorrow morning, along with hundreds of people in their own cars (just for a second forgetting about the $1 a liter gas prices) to voice their displeasure with the trial balloon that the Lord
government sent up to see the public response. I think that they have seen the response...and I'm not sure that they like it.

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