Saturday, May 29, 2004

More Random Stuff

Not excatly Public enemy any more, but it's been good going lately.

-Nice to see the Willie Top 40 make a return at Willie's Blog. I noticed Jay-Z's 99 problems is on it. There is some stuff I don't know, but check it out. The link is on the list.

-Over at Jessica's Blog, I noticed that she is not a big fan of Vin Diesel. While I'm not his biggest fan, and I don't know his preference of Ladies, He has had one movie that I have enjoyed, A Man Apart. I will admit that The Chronicles Of Riddick looks like absolute dogshit.

-I just finished watching "Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story". It's a fery powerful story, that shows that Eddie has lived through it all, having lost his Family, Money and Career in a haze of Drugs and Alcohol. For a guy that always seemed to be able to turn it on in when the Red light comes on, it hard to believe it was a guy that was going through his personal hell. I hope that he is enjoying his success, he deserves it. If you can find it at from your local download dealer, it's worth a watch (or wait till it's released on DVD, The extra matches should be Great)

-New timekiller: Zuma

-While I'm happy for the Calgary Flames and hope to see them win the cup, I think it's a little early to call them "Canada's team"

-I hope that this Aliant strike will end soon, but it's not looking good. The worst part is when they finally get back, it's still going to be a month before things get back to normal. Maybe stories like this will get Aliant back to the table.

-One Hit wonder:Big and Rich- Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

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