Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Tuesday, yep..It's tuesday

First off.. note to willie: Stick with the PV's my friend, A day in the life of: came off as spiteful and not funny at all. While I agree that Scott Stapp does come off as a glory hogging jerk (and can they please just do a performance video), Creed is a successful band that sell an amazing amount of CD's and has recieved mainstream success that most bands would give thier left arm for. While you may see them as "Pearl Jam Light", I would go on to say that Creed would have a larger fan base. That dosen't make them better then "Pearl Jam"..dosen't make them any worse either. and I'm sure that there will be some rebuttle, but the fact is Creed is a big name right now. Maybe when a new Pearl Jam album comes out, that will change, but with this being a market seemingly driven by radio and (even more so) video play, and Pearl Jam's resistence to doing videos and my doubt's that there will be a major radio hit , I doubt it. Willie, enjoy their music, but don't get bitter that Creed is bigger then they are and were

And before anyone else asks..I'm not a huge Creed fan..I own 2 albums (Human Clay and Weathered) but it's not something I play on many occasions

Music is a very personal thing. It can not be form-fitted. Everyone's tastes are different. Mine run from a Celtic,east coast folk sound (Great big sea, Natalie Macmaster, The Corrs) to pop-rock (Michelle Branch, Barenaked Ladies) to hip-hop (Dr. Dre, Eminem, Naughty By Nature). Basically, everything but Dance and Heavy Hard rock. That last one puts me at odds with friends and co-workers. To me, it's screaming Guitars and long haired tattooed pierced guys screaming about anything they can think of. Yes, some of it can be good in the right situation, but I don't enjoy it enough to buy cd's or Downoad it. (If you look at the Kick Arse Archives, there isn't much Hard rock, Heavy Metal on the CD's) I don't listen to music to think so bands that have a real big "Message" (ie: Rage against the Machine and the like) are out. When I listen to music, I want a good beat, something that I can sing along with, nod my head too and in the right situation, hit the dance floor. To some people, I'm what's wrong with the music industry.

When you come right down to it, music is entertainment. People can take what they want from it. As I'm writing this, Much Mega Hits is on and in the past little bit, they've played The Tragically Hip, Pink and Bow Wow, a mix that I'm very happy with.

I'm Dok Doyle...and that's my opinion. What's yours?

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