Sunday, June 09, 2002

It's Sunday, Sunday, it's really really Sunday

Tonight my First "Stump the Dok", kind of. Dave Lavoie dropped me a long note asking me what I thought of "Tough Enough 2 " where the two women left, Jackie and Linda, were chosen over the two guys, Jake and Kenny and somehow this has become some sort of problem. Why? because in the First "Tough Enough" there was 1 male and one female WWE contract, this time around it was assumed that this was the case, although in one of the early episodes of "TE2" it is said that there was just 2 contracts.That being said, I think they made the right choices, Linda has a different look for a WWE "Diva" and can wrestle while Jackie is that she will never have to step in the ring and will sell a lot of Diva calenders and videos. Jake on the other hand has that look that Vince goes to bed dreaming about at night, but in the ring was TERRIBLE!! while Kenny made everyone around him look good but I believe fell victom to the "He's too small" trap, espically with Jamie Knoble, and Rey Mystero Jr.~ debuting or on the way. Let me say, however that the TE1 crew was head and shoulders abouve this crew, in the end of TE2, they're doing basics, in TE1, they're doing moonsaults. It's all leading to a "Tough Enough" Fued on Smackdown! with Chris Harvard and other TE people coming to take out thier frustrations on Maven, although that might have got pushed back due to Maven's broken leg.

and may i also say that I am very happy to see Shawn Micheals back, although I missed it live. I was watching RAW and decided to shut off the TV just before Kevin Nash came out. and after I found out what happened, I knew that I had missed a markout moment. When everyone else were Bret Hart fans, I was the HBK fan, espically during the Diesel/HBK "Two dudes with attitudes" period. While Bret Hart has become one of many "Bitter Old Wrestlers", HBK got his head on straight and I'm happy for it. Now of they would just get rid of the "Black and White" nWo and bring back the "Red and Black" I"d be happy.

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For a comprehensive list of Wrestlers, check out Earl's Wrestling page. For the most part, I agree with him. It's a good read. I wonder who would win a wrestling trivia contest.....hmmmmmm...
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