Saturday, May 28, 2005

Take me to your Machines

So another one of my friends..Actually another 2 of my friends are married. It was a great day for Shawn and Amy and they are very happy, and I'm happy for them. I even got all the music right :P

The reception was a blast, as it seemed like the whole crew was there. But the big part of story happened on Thursday night.

After the rehearsal and decorating of the hall, we decided to throw a few cards around, where I got my 2nd ever 4 tens, 2 in the pocket and first 2 cards on the flop..I ended up knocking 2 guys out. Shawn and I played for a bit then we decided to just take the pot and split it up so we could head down to dooly's

We got there and I decided to throw a little bit of money in the machines. I took $80 out. I sang a couple of songs, then I threw in a few more dollars and after just trying to get away from them by making a few max 5 armadillos for $125. So I pulled that out. After a while, Derrick goes over and I join him and decide to throw some more away. once again just trying to kill it off..5 oil wells on a max bet..$225 later it's time to go home. People are starting to look for my horseshoe :D. Lucky in cards, not so much in love I guess.

It didn't take long to spend. Breakfast out, a few rounds at the reception, got some groceries and paid some bills, and I got enough for some cards tonight. Maybe the lucky streak will continue

No Pearl Jam tickets for me, Tara and I tried to get some but they sold out in less then 2 hours. Looks like I'll be making the trip just to the casino that night. Oh well..

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