Monday, July 12, 2004

Monday Meanderings

-I think that's how you spell it.

-I never want my schedule to end. This Sunday/Monday off is great, the only thing I miss is anything that is going on Friday night, and really how much is going on Friday night that can't happen on Saturday?

-Speaking of Saturday night, Jess was home and babysitting so went down to the house and played a couple games of trivia. Jess and I defeated the considerable talents of John K and Tara. I think we were graceful in victory.

-I very much dislike it when people erase phone numbers from the call display and not tell anyone that they did it.

-After a year, a rebirth has happened. CD Lawrence has come out of retirement. It seems that most of the old NWF crew has got together in New Age Wrestling. So after thinking about it for a bit and being asked by both Willie (well, he tried but sent it to the wrong address) and Blackwing; I'm back. My first match is this week in a five way dance for the Vacant Television Title. We'll see what goes on with that this week.

-I did something I said I'd never do today. I legally downloaded songs for Puretracks. A really good album from Melissa McClelland called Stranded in Suburbia and the new album from a long time fav Sarah Harmer. My only complaint with puretracks is the fact that I had to use Windows Media Player to burn the CD's, but other then that it seems to be ok. Not bad prices either, about $20 for 2 CD's. Downloads were quick too. I can see me using this for Canadian artists that are hard to find anywhere else

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