Thursday, July 01, 2004

From the Ice glass:

-It's really frickin warm out today, getting up to about 35C. We've been waiting a long time for this. Hope you got out to enjoy some of it.

-I think he needs a new mouse

-I again found out why I only play sports games on the PS2. I picked up Soul Caliber 2 for a few days at blockbuster. I put it on for a few minutes and became totally frustrated until I shut it down. I put in Hot Shots Golf and beat another course, so now I feel better.

-I also picked up Showdown: Legends of Wrestling. It's the third in the series and not much better then the first one, a game that almost made me swear off PS2 for a year or so. The controls are jerky and hard to use, the audio has a tendeacy to skip and the hit detection is totally off. The only good thing is the amount of legends that have made it. From The Original Sheik to Eddy Gurerreo, Randy Savage and The Road Warriors. Too bad the WWE wouldn't do a legends game.

-I have The Great American Bash downloaded, I'll be watching it tonight and tomorrow. Reaction afterwards.

-I watched Fahrenheit 9-11 over the past couple of days, and while I don't know how much you can take to heart, with Michael Moore's history of "Creative editing", but it is a very interesting movie, and worth watching, even if you wait till the DVD.

-I got a call from Bell express-vu offering me the Movie channels for $5 a month for 4 months. I thought I'd give it a try. Haven't noticed much yet, but I am looking forward to checking out Six Feet Under and the comedy specials.

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