Saturday, June 05, 2004

Stuff, Things and assorted whatnot

- Well, It looks like one of Willie's dreams has come true. No, he hasn't been in a room when Kim Possible has a wardrobe malfunctionCreed has called it Quits. While I did enjoy some of the bands music, I can't say that I'm sorry to see them go. Now the countdown starts until the reunion tour.

- I'm in the process of (ahem) acquiring the New Harry Potter movie, but I may still go see it in the theatre anyway. the copy I acquire is for my own use..yeah that's it.

- In my stereo right now, Avril's new Album "Under My Skin", Carolyn Dawn Johnson's "Dress Rehearsal" and Great Big Sea: Something Beautiful.

Avril's album is what you would expect, except she shows that she's not the same girl that recorded "Let's Go" with a voice that has matured. Songs that I always play more then one is "My Happy ending" (the second single) and "Nobody's Home". I give it a 3/5 for a great POP album. Death metal heads need not apply

One of the VERY few county artists that I have become a fan of over the past few years is Carolyn Dawn Johnson. "Room with a view" which included "Georgia" and "One day closer to you' made for an album that, while it didn't have a permanent spot in my stereo, was a frequent visitor. "Dress rehearsal" on the other hand could take up some space for a long time. Songs like "Simple Life", the very simple "Die of a Broken Heart" and the album closing and very touching "I'll let you go" make for an album that a lot of people will enjoy for a long time 3 1/2 out of 5.

As for GBS, "Something Beautiful" is not quite a step backwards, but a running in place album. The first single "When I am king" goes back to the "Goin Up" days and anyone who doesn't like "Helmethead" is not a GBS fan. "Sally Ann" and "Let it Go" make for an album that fans will enjoy, but I'm not sure any people just coming to the kitchen party will get it. 3/5

-It's been over a week since the change over of TechTV to G4TechTV and may I say F*(# COMCAST!! They took one of the channels that I had the dish for and watched a lot and turned it into something that I don't like even having on my list. It's now all video game shows; and while I enjoy the occasional "X-play" or "judgment Day", it's too much.

-A song that I've enjoyed lately is Twista's "Overnight Celebrity", not for the usual reasons but it's the first time I can remember hearing a live "hip Hop Violin" fromMiri Ben-Ari. I would love to hear her go Fiddle for Fiddle with Natalie Macmaster

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