Friday, March 19, 2004

Where it all begins...Again

So I've been talking about it all beginning again and here it is...For now. Thanks to Matthew, I've run in to this service that allows free domain names. So from now on it's no longer at the blogspot address. The address to the blog is It seems to be working out well so far. Don't forget to check out the links on the side as well as signing the guestbook. It would much appreciated.

Speaking of where it all began...Again (Have to put the three dots or it doesn't have the same effect) Wrestlemania 20 has come and gone, and after kind of falling off the wagon when it comes to watching wrestling, it's the show that has brought me back. The Eddy-Angle match is something that had everything that you need, some great mat wrestling and that classic Eddy~! cheating.

John Cena's opening match was just the right way to bring the crowd back into it and he actually managed to get a decent match out of The Big Show. For all the John Cena fans, I managed to get a look (Thanks to at the John Cena DVD: Word life and while it's not a Wrestling DVD, it's got a lot of his better pre-match freestyles including the little seen one from the HEAT before Wrestlemania 19.

Also worth a pick up is The Monday Night Wars. Some of it is very interesting to not only wrestling fans but also people who are interested in how much a war story can change when the winner tells the story.

Now back to Wrestlemania, The Goldberg/ Brock Lesner match was interesting, but not so much for the action in the ring as the reaction of the crowd. With their chants of "You sold out" and "This match sucks", it sounded like the old ECW arena. The rest of the show was pretty much a mix of the good (Christian Vs Jericho, Evil Trish~!), the Bad (Either of the fatal 4-ways) and the Ugly ( The Playboy Evening Gown Match, that had to be paired down due to Sable's breast implant leakage) For What I think is the best review of the event that I've read go Here

Now in my world, I've now got a schedule that is going to allow me to have somewhat a life as I'll be off Sunday and Monday, meaning I'll be able to go out on Saturday night if the urge strikes me. I'm hoping to kick that off this weekend, but I guess that depends on other people (Ain't that right, Gully :) )

At work, things have been going alright lately. It's starting to get very quiet, so a little time has been spent off the phones (Having carnal relations with the canine species or as it's not so politely known, F&@%ing the dog). Next week, I guess I'll be "Shadowing" for a senior support job, so we'll see how that goes.

Well..I hope you enjoy the new lay out and come back often, as I hope to have new content, maybe not every day, but at least a couple of times a week.

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