Saturday, March 20, 2004


Seem to be getting a few people stopping by, which is great. Keep it up people.

So I went to work this morning, when I noticed on the bulletin board that the schedule had been posted for shadowing for the job I had applied for. I was first on the list, so I'll be shadowing Monday and Tuesday. One problem, I was supposed to be off monday. So I worked a few hours and decided that I would take the rest of the day off.

For the people in the Miramichi area, There are a few of us heading to the Opera House tonight so come on down and say hi in the land of Barley and Hops :)

I would be remiss if I hadn't meantioned the Miramichi UPM TImberwolves who have had a great season and are moving on to the second round of the playoffs. I just wish they were starting tonight and not wednesday night. Mesed up my whole schedule. Campbellton is in town and I can't wait to get back to the rink.

I've updated the Link to Willie's Blog and have also added a e-mail link as well. I'll be adding some more through the next few days.

Untill Later

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