Tuesday, October 15, 2002

And we're back.

The Big news right now, is the birth of Dana and Dave's baby boy, Logan Alexander. Mother and Child are doing fine. And Grandfather Joe has the kid spoiled right....now

I did something I hadn't done in a while, if ever, saturday night. Hung out in a parking lot, namely the parking lot of the loggieville community center. They have this thing against bringing booze outside. So we all stood outside and drank. It was a good time, saw some people I hadn't seen in a while, and met some new people. by the way, I was there for a wedding party.

Wait a minute, my first two posts are babies and weddings. This ain't good

In the NWF, I am now a member of the 4horsemen along with Gregory Maines, Y2J and Jeff "Xtreme" Hardy as we team up to take on The Jury and the cWo. This week, I take on Doomsday. Should be good, I really like where my character is going.

Ah, that feels better

I know I shoulden't of promised a whole bunch of reviews if I wasn't going to deliver. but.

Lifehouse- Stanley Climbfall: It's ok, but don't run out and
buy it

Swollen Members- Monsters in the Closet: Run, fall, break an arm, leave the hospital and get this album

Crush- S/T- A nice pop-rock album, more good songs then great, and not a terrible one on the album

Tom Clancy- Red Rabbit: If you've read any of the other Jack Ryan books, and wondered about the past adventures, get this book. It takes a real life event and places some known characters in to it. and it may not be the event your thinking of

Dave Meltzer- Tributes: This is a must have for any wrestling fan. It's a compalotion(sp?) of obits of some of the greatest past wrestling stars, most of whom, sad to say, left us too early. The Owen Hart and Brian Pillman ones are worth the price in and of themselves.

Steve Murphy- Live at 5: This is the behind the camera stories of what has become an 5pm tradition on the east coast, told by a guy who's been there since the beginning. You can't read this book and not think about the people who have crossed the TV screens of maritimers the past 20 years.

Triple H- The Game: I really enjoyed the program, except for the part about Triple H's bodybuilding, where they fail to meanton the needles sticking out of his ass. But it was a decent review of the time right around the wedding to Just after Wrestlemania 18. The Extras are good, as you get Triple H's debut match against Buck Zumoff (Who thought he'd get on a DVD?) The Royal Rumble street fight with Mick Foley (That you can watch with commentary from The Coach and Triple H or without) and what could be the best match of all time, Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat from 1989's Wrestlewar. One of those DVD's you don't buy for the dvd, just the extra's.

I have a feeling that the Hulk Still Rules and NWO dvd are going to be around the same, but the extras are so good I ordered them, along with SummerSlam 2002. So expect reviews of them soon


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