Sunday, February 16, 2003

After a Long...long...long absence, I have decided to return to the online world. That's right, just when you thought that it was safe to connect your computer to a phone line (or cable modem, you lucky bastards), Dok has returned. I honestly have been meaning to update this for a while, but sometimes real life gets in the way of this virtual world, so lets catch up, shall we

I'm still working at ICT as a "Internet Service Tech". IT's an interesting job that allows me to talk to some of the most idiotic people in the atlantic provinces. People, if it says "Name:", put your name there. The people are fun to work with, for the most part. Although if people would spend as much time doing thier job as they did bitching, they'd have nothing to bitch about. Lately, I've been spending sometime on the floor, as advanced support, which is interesting, but also shows me how much more I have to learn. Everyday there seems to teach me some more.

Work on the book has come to an utter and compete stop, and I'll take the blame for it. Time has been at a premium in the past little while and it seems to be the one thing that I can keep putting off. Hopefully, with the addition of Big Dave to the writing team, and a kick in the arse, delivered by anyone who's willing, will change that.

The past few months have been tougher on my psyche then I've been letting on. I just seem to be staying home more and more, as my circle of friends becomes smaller and smaller. Along with the fact that the bar scene isn't the draw that it used to be. Between people moving and just the fact that we're all moving into other things, the usual gang dosen't seem to get together anymore. Hell, I havn't seen my best friend since christmas, and it's no one's fault but my own, as thier's nothing that stops me from getting on a bus and going, but even the people that are still here, we never seem to see each other.I don't know if it's on purpose or if it's the fact that we're all looking for different things in different places, It's just weird.

This next part is going to be a little hard to write, but if I'm going to be honest, I guess I have to (if not just for the fact that I promised Dave the full story) New Year's started out just like so many house parties that I had attended at the Kenny's. I had some boones and some crown. Most of the gang was going to be there, and the band was playing. I went down, expecting nothing more then a great time. What I got was something that I think will change me.

Joined by the usual suspects, we were standing around when I noticed that one of John's (Jessica's brother, for those that don't know) friends was there. Jennifer, who I've met a few times, but hadn't really spoken to her before. I made the rounds saying hello to everyone, getting a hug from Jen, but I really didn't think much of it at the time, that sort of thing just happens at a house party.

As the night continued, Jennifer and I were spending more and more time together. I was surprized at this, as, while I had noticed Jen, I never though that she'd be interested in me. But as usual, subtlety to me is a ton of bricks to the head. As we were standing the question, she's standing in front of me, and I make what could have been the bonehead play of the year, I say "That we prob shouldn't be doing this" thinking that there was too much that could go wrong. She walks away that moment, and as she does, my mind is racing, thinking as to why I just said that. A few seconds later, I grab her hand and tell her that "I didn't mean that we should stop". That left us, after some conversatuation, in a relationship.

Now, anyone that knows me knows that i don't do anything half-assed, We both jumped in with both feet. And I can say that I had never been happier.

Where are we now? Jennifer and I are the best of friends, after realizing that things were moving way too fast and that we needed to know each other before we went any further. Will we get back together down the line? only time will tell that story. Do I regret getting involved? not in the least, Jennifer and I will always be together in one form or another, as friends or more, no one knows. I will admit that it took a little getting used to, but I'm now at peace with everything.

Now that that's out of the way :) How about an NWF update? I'm still in the horsemen as CD Lawrence, with Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit. My latest storyline had my wife "Crystal" being pregnant, and joining me on the road. In the Match that night, Me and my Tag team partner, Steve Williams lost the tag belts after an accidental kick to the face, when I return to the dressing room,I find my horsemen teammates tending to a bloody and beaten Crystal, who is taken to hospital. We later find out that the stress of the attack as well as the blood loss has caused Crystal to lose the baby. CD thinks that Williams attacked Crystal to get back for the superkick, leading to a match. After the match, we find out that a former Client of CD's, Infexion, was at fault. This led up to a match at the PPV, that I won after sending Infexion to the hospital. Who says wrestling isn't a male soap?

This all leads up to the return of John Q.Smith as the leader of the Syndicate, that happens to include former horsemen and CD running buddy, Gregory Maines. After this weeks Tag title match with Chris Benoit, the Syndicate begins to make it's run of terror, and we'll see what's happens...oh my god..we're out of time..tune in next week...oops sorry, Nitro Flashback.

Well, I think that I've said enough for now...drop me a line, and I promise it won't be 4 months before we talk again. LAter

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