Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Just a catch up post

Hello again to all of the Millions that check this place out on an daily if not hourly basis :D Just thought I'd drop by while I'm waiting for my cardplayer tournament start

Went to moncton last week for a day trip with Carrie. It was a good time. I liked just getting out of the house and away for a day. Went to the disney store and around the mall, then Chapters, which is the place I'll be spending massive amounts of money when I finally hit the million. Then we picked up food for our other half's :D (Arby's for Sandy and Wendy's for Willie). I'm almost glad there is no Arby's in miramichi, I'd be twice the size I am now.

Went out friday night to Dooly's in Chatham (Seeing how the one in Newcastle hasen't reopened yet, Anyone know the story on that?) I got permission from Sandy to put $10 in the VLT's. I hit the top of the mountian on "Cash Climb" then a couple of bonuses on "Rum Runner" Final Tally: $180. So I got some groceries and just some other things that we needed. And it payed for that night out and the next night at Larocque's house party/poker game. It was a great time and what a nice place they've got. I'll be back for the Wrestlemania party :D.

Sandy's loving the new job, guess it's my turn :) I've applied at a few places and got a letter from the Government about a job at the College. I guess we'll see.

Well my tournament has started and I've got anoter one starting in a couple of minutes...TTYL

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