Sunday, October 17, 2004

Another Update

-Sorry for being so long between updates, but It's just been that quiet around here. I'm working nights so by the time I get home I don't want to be creative. I just want to veg. Espically the past few days, as it's been so busy. 80 calls in about 7 and a half hours is about what I'm averaging. and everyone wants to argue with me.

When you call tech support there are things you should do and things you should not under any cirmantences do

  • DO be in front of your computer with it powered on. Yes, you can be on the phone and have the computer on at the same time. It will not cause a tear in the time/space vortex that will send you and the PC to the land of purple monkeys.
  • DON'T ARGUE WITH THE TECH!!! You are calling me becouse you don't know what the problem is. I am trying to help you, and wish to do so.
  • DON'T LIE TO THE TECH!! This is a big one, even a little white lie will piss me off and you will find that if I am pissed off at you then thw less you will get. I will always do my job on a call, but it's the little extras that you will miss out on. If you really anger me, you will pay the stupid tax of going to see a tech.
People say "You can't be angry becouse people don't know" and there is some truth to that. I am not angry when people don't know, It's when people don't know and don't care to learn that gets my goat. I don't know about anyone else but when I spend a good deal of money on something, I learn how to work it; and by work it; I don't mean anything too technical; just knowing the difference between left and right click would be a treat.

-Went to the Timberwolves game last night; which they lost, but they played what I thought was a decent game. Who didn't have a decent game was the Official BJ Young. Missing Key calls including a hit from behind and a player drawing blood was bad enough; but the best one that I saw was the puck actually leaving the ice; hitting a kid on the top of the head and coming back to the ice, Truro picking it up and bring it back down the ice for a goal. There is no excuse for missing that type of call. These officials keep making these types of idiodic calls and then are brought back the next week. It's terrible, and one of these night is going to lead to something bad happening on the ice when one of this idiots calls leads it out of control.

- is a blog that one of the guys from work has put together. It's a very Tech intensive blog, but if you want to learn, he always seems to have the most detailed articles on what's going on. First time I saw about the Halo 2 leak is on his Blog.

-I've kind of been getting back in to ER this year, after catching last season's season finale. I had to find out what happioned and now I find myself always downloading the next episode to keep up. We'll see if they can keep my interest.

-West Wing update: The new season starts this week, and a article on states that it may last longer then the Bartlett Administration. That would mean an almost full change of the cast that most of the fans have grown to know, almost making a West Wing 2 kind of feel.

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