Tuesday, December 16, 2003

So I'm in a Royal Rumble Pool at the Seadawg's Forum. I got Number 3

1988- Butch Reed (First Person Eliminated)
1989- Andre The Giant (Eliminated Himself)
1990- Marty Janetty
1991- Greg Valentine
1992- Ric Flair (Won The Whole Damn Thing)
1993- Papa Shango (First Man eliminated)
1994- Rick Steiner
1995- Eli Blu
1996- Bob Backlund (First Man Eliminated)
1997- Razor Ramon 2 (First Man Eliminated)
1998- Tom Brandi (First Man Eliminated)
1999- Golga (First Man Eliminated)
2000- Headbanger Mosh (First Man Eliminated)
2001- Matt Hardy
2002- Big Bossman (First Man Eliminated)
2003- Christopher Nowinski

So out of 16 rumbles, I've won it once and been the first man eliminated 8 times.

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