Friday, July 26, 2002


Back again after a bit. The bottom line of it is there's not a heck of a whole lot going on that I want to talk about. Let's see if I can change that.

Big Brother is back on the air and I am addicted. I watch it when it's on and check out the online updates on Canoe Jam. If they had of been smart, Josh would of been the person to get rid of last night. He just seems to be a disruptive force in the house, but him still there makes for interesting TV.

Another one that seems to have caught my attention is American Idol. Not so much for the performances (Although after dropping the dead weight this week, most of the performances have been great, espically Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini who are blowing the roof off the place) but to see the fighting between judges Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell who is the best non-wrestling heel on television.

Speaking of wrestling, two words "Eric Bischoff", i never thought that that name would ever be spoken in a non-ironic way on WWE television. But when Bischoff showed up during an interview segment feat/ Booker T, it was one of the few thing that could surprise me after (jr) damn near 15 glorious years in this business(/jr). As long as he stays away from the books (and booking) it will turn out fine, for the simple fact that Bischoff is just so goddamn unlikeable, making him the perfect heel. Making RAW into "Nitro" is brilliant, as well. From the movement of the Broadcast Booth to the overall pace of the show, makes it feel different then Smackdown!, which I believe was one of the points of the "Brand Extention"

It's amazing how easy it can be to get someone over in the WWE, a few weeks of "He's Coming" videos, a hell of an entrance and great opponent to debut against so both guys look gangbusters, what do you have? Rey Mysterio Jr.

The "Future of Smackdown" = Edge, Rey Mysterio Jr and John Cena. Add Maven, Kidman, Batista and Jamie Noble to that and Christopher Nowinski ,The Island Boys on RAW, The WWE has a very bright future ahead of it.

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